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By Mandy Gardner on October 4, 14 Comments.

The Republican Party was founded dte anti-slavery activists in and famously led by Abraham Lincoln, who served as President from to At Neer time the United States was at a breaking point between a Democratic Party that was fond of the status quo and a Republican Party that wanted America to stand Need date to company Lincoln party for human rights.

Abraham Lincoln found himself at the head of a government that was divided amongst itself on how to proceed, given that the southern half of the country was teetering on the edge of secession.

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Fearing war and in-fighting between countrymen, Lincoln was forced to act first as a strong diplomat and subsequently as a strong military leader. His actions not only changed the course of history for Africans and all future Americans, but for the Republican Party as well.

During the leadership of the Great Emancipator, Republicans were dzte the liberals of their time. After all, it was they who demanded modernization in terms of labor, land ownership and the rights of human beings.

Essentially, the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln promoted the individual freedoms of all men as well as the rights for all to receive a public education. Democrats, at the time, spoke of social progression, but did not act on it.

Perhaps due to their satisfaction of having been the catalyst to the American Reconstruction following the Civil War, Republicans have given up the liberal ideals of their founding members to embrace staunch conservatism. Need date to company Lincoln party ideals of Mitt Romney or George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan certainly bear no resemblance to the powerful liberal ideals of Abraham Lincoln.

What would Abraham Lincoln say if he knew that Republicans continually vote for upper-class tax cuts and private health care provision? Would he see these as traditionally Republican ideals, or would he see no evidence of the Party he helped to build so long ago?

As a nation of ckmpany, we must live through all time or die by suicide.

Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. LOL What a load of revisionist preaching. Try taking off your SJW blinders if you want to be taken seriously as a writer.

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Good luck with your writing career — maybe you can get a position burning books and writing State Propaganda. This is a very silly article.

Their constant attempts like this at rewriting history are very similar to what Marx suggested and Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler implemented. This is a strange and disturbing party and I do not for the life of me Lihcoln how anyone could be a part of something so wrong.

Even torture of slavery was ordained by God.

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